The artiste reveals and portrays.

Art is a Trilogy of one part imagination, one part skill, and one part luck! The Artiste Reflects and Responds and the product is an expression of mood. The mood touches on emotion which is the driving force that brings revelation within the journey. And in the end, the eye reveals the lightness of being ~ and sometimes ~ a wisp of darkness.

Helena began her art as a dancer. Studying and performing ballet, jazz and modern dance, she lived for the art ~ it owned her. Having grown up in Germany, life was a catalogue of places and scenes. At sixteen, defying her mother’s wishes, her father enrolled her in an Art Academy in Paris where she studied the fine arts of painting, music, dance and cuisine. The journey led to Dance! Time varied the path within dance ~ through painting ~ and ultimately sculpture. Here she rests, her art coming full circle to the beginning ~ dance within form. Structured like ballet, glib like jazz, emoting like modern dance, the trilogy remains endeared within the form of movement. Her first series is entitled, Barnabas ~ Son of Encouragement and Faith. Each piece is a vision of Grace ~ Each piece depicts a story. Each story a dream. Each dream a tear. And in the tears, a life is reborn—within the eyes of Grace.
~ Helena