My Series

A Series in Art is a very personal thing. It expresses the innermost heart of the artist in revealing what lingers most endearingly on her thoughts in that moment of time. A series can be simplistic, as in simply painting dancers, or much more complex, as in Monet’s vision of the same landscape within different lighting fractures.

For me, my Series symbolically represent literal events in my life. Grace is a word we use in a modern context of defining ‘how a person performs a physical skill, such as gymnastics’. However, the true meaning of Grace has been lost to most. It defines thankfulness and honor and kindness and giving in a way that has no expectations. It represents everything that our society has lost… replaced with punishment and judgment and revenge and vindication.

Amazing Grace is about letting go, forgiveness and release. It is about re-found youth and riding away on the strength, integrity and nobility of Barnabas. It is about faith in goodness, resolve in its force and perseverance in overcoming sin. She is barefoot, the reins fly free, she holds his mane lightly in her hands, and together they leave the apple behind – it has been tasted, but Grace has won.

The crystal tree references the tears of Grace refracting the light of the sun. Affixed upon a stone of green onyx that is said to alleviate fears and bring relief, the tree represents rooted strength. Trees are both feminine and masculine in their appearance and symbolic of dwelling within the three worlds of Hell, Earth and Heaven. When adorned and rooted, the tree, the rock, and the light are thus transformed into a symbol of immortality.

“When Grace is our journey, the roads we traverse will embrace light.” ~ Helena Glass

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